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The Reckoning of Time - A tidal powered moon phase clock

Updated: Feb 22

A stop motion video of the daily photos I took during the lunar month from September 17th to October 19th 2020, the lunar month of Mahuru in the Māori Maramataka.

The Reckoning of Time is a clock that decodes the hidden connection between the tidal rhythms of Te Auaunga, Oakley Creek and the phase of the moon. Instead of a pendulum, the clock has a float that follows the surface of the water. The clock escapement clicks forward once every high tide. 57 teeth on the gear and bingo the clock reveals the phase of the moon as it rotates once for each lunar month.

This is the basic clock escapement mechanism shown here at high tide:

It's hard to see the moon phase on the basic mechanism, so I built a better display, with a rotating ball representing the moon.

The breath of the tide.

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